Springthrough - LeeAnne
Goldfish Swim School - Matt Watson
Public - Lucas Grill
The Charter Group - John
Grace Bible College - Ken
Creative Merchandising Systems - Don Smith
Clean Rooms International - Tim
616 Lofts - Derek
Smedley Dental - Meredith
KPC - Jack
Psychiatric Associates of West Michigan - Mulder
Goldfish Swim School
The Charter Group
Grace Bible College
Creative Merchandising Systems
Clean Rooms International
616 Lofts
Smedley Dental
Raymond James
DeYoung Dental
Psychiatric Associates of West Michigan
New Equipment Leasing
Davenport University
"First Companies made it simple and effortless. This is a space our entire team can get excited about."
LeeAnne Williams, Springthrough | Read More
"This building - secured by First Companies - allows us to engage and instruct students in the best possible environment."
Matt Watson, Goldfish Swim School | Read More
"I felt comfortable with the First Companies team from the moment I met them. They were attentive and approachable."
Lucas Grill, Public | Read More
"They kept us informed and up-to-date, making our firm's relocation effortless."
John Kerschen, The Charter Group | Read More
"Their team listened well, but also asked questions well. They hit it out of the ballpark."
Ken Kemper, Grace Bible College | Read More
"It takes a solid team and teamwork to create and complete a facility such as ours."
Don Smith , Creative Merchandising Systems | Read More
"The First Companies team continues to take an active role in ensuring this is, and always will be, a great space."
Tim Werkema, Clean Rooms International | Read More
"From beginning to end, First Companies has been an adept partner with superior skill and expertise."
Derek Coppess, 616 Lofts | Read More
"Our exam and reception areas are uniquely warm and welcoming."
Meredith Smedley, Smedley Dental | Read More
"Their team exceeded our expectations by far, and I would recommend their work to anyone."
Jack Skoog, KPC | Read More
"First Companies has proved to be the most capable and proficient."
Dave Hilgendorf, Raymond James | Read More
"First Companies' collective knowledge of the intricacies involved in designing and developing a dental space was exactly what I was looking for."
Amy DeYoung, DeYoung Dental | Read More
"My only disappointment with this project is that it had to end."
Dr. Henry Mulder , Psychiatric Associates of West Michigan | Read More
"We needed more space, more privacy, and more functionality. We also needed something that accurately reflected who we are and what we do. We knew First Companies would be up to the task."
Ray Lanning, New Equipment Leasing | Read More
"First Companies is extremely responsive and more than accommodating. Our contractual needs, our renovation needs, and our property management needs have all been exceeded."
Jim Becsy, Davenport University | Read More