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Goldfish Swim School
The Charter Group
Grace Bible College
Creative Merchandising Systems
Clean Rooms International
616 Lofts
Smedley Dental
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Psychiatric Associates of West Michigan
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Construction Solutions


First Companies is a growing firm and we’re doing so because of our dedication to quality and the personal attention/partnering approach that we bring to each and every client. Because experienced real estate and development teams back our construction division we’re able to offer your company more than one scenario when it comes to building solutions, ownership, and investment options. Summarized in a word, we offer flexibility. Whether it’s pre-engineered or conventional construction, leasing versus owning we have the tools to connect people and solutions in an ever-changing business equation.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a group of people who think about construction, projects, methodology, etc… more than the group we’ve assembled.  Our team is balanced, well-versed in a range of construction specialties that benefit your project whether it’s 500 or 265,000 square feet. Regardless of the project complexity, we have the knowledge, passion, and experience necessary to provide your organization with a first class facility.