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Clean Rooms International

When Clean Rooms International, a designer and builder of cleanrooms and cleanroom equipment, purchased 4939 Starr Street, the existing building was in need of significant improvements and repairs. Tim Werkema, president and CEO of Clean Rooms International, enlisted the First Companies team and their expertise to facilitate an overhaul and transformation of the new space.

“The general layout of the building was well-designed and practical,” said Werkema.“But the particulars - the individual offices, the warehouse, and other spaces - needed a significant amount of effort to ensure we had a sufficient work space.”

Over the course of five months, the building underwent significant changes, with First Companies at the helm. The face of the building was given a complete makeover and each office was remodeled. New, energy efficient lighting was installed in the warehouse, and the building’s entrance and landscaping were renovated. The space, upon completion, looked new, providing visiting clients, as well as all employees, with a welcome and warm space.

“From the first quote to the finishing touches, First Companies made this process incredibly easy,” said Werkema.“Even now, the First Companies team continues to take an active role in ensuring this is, and always will be, a great space.” 

Clean Rooms International
4939 Starr Street Southeast
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
30,000 SF Manufacturing Facility Renovation