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Creative Merchandising Systems

The new corporate and manufacturing headquarters for Creative Merchandising Systems, a manufacturer of display systems, shows foresight at every turn. The front of the building, its initial first impression, captures the eye with its stunning glass details and entryway. A 22’ high glass corner creates the visitor’s entry experience. Once inside, daylight floods the view at every turn by way of 5 two-story windows.

Wanting to ensure a positive work environment for his employees, Don Smith made sure his team received as much natural daylight and views to the outside as possible. The manufacturing area features more of the same as high clerestory windows run throughout that space as well. Designed for maximum efficiency and workflow, this area’s interior support columns were minimized to reduce obstructions. The facility, located at 4044 Brockton Drive, was constructed of precast exterior concrete walls and a pre-engineered metal roof system. The walls, made of a standard 3-2-3 sandwich panel, are a composite that is very energy-efficient.

The building’s stepping stone projections on its north side were designed for future entrances. The design of the facility also took into account the owner’s exit strategy. Smith foresaw that one day selling a facility over 60,000 square feet could prove to be a difficult endeavor. The building can be subdivided at the stepped projection entries to create smaller, individual tenant spaces.
Creative Merchandising Systems    
66,816 Square Feet
Corporate & Manufacturing Headquarters
Glass Vestibule
Precast Concrete Building
(616) 698.6200