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Grace Bible College

In need of a space that created a sense of community, but that was also an attractive sales tool for prospective students, Grace Bible College turned to First Companies.

“Our old space was tired and outdated,” said Ken Kemper, president of Grace Bible College.“We had no real entrance and no real gathering place.”

Grace Bible College had some plans for the building, but decided to work with First Companies before moving forward with the original concepts. Their discussion led to dramatically different renderings that included a student commons with an inviting fireplace and seating area, a retail coffee area, and conference room, as well as newly remodeled bathrooms and plenty of daylighting throughout.

“The ideas and insights we originally had for this space beautifully came to fruition with First Companies’ help,” said Rick Velting, a member of Grace Bible College’s board of trustees.“Their team listened well, but also asked questions well. They understood our desires for the space, and they made it happen. They hit it out of the ballpark.”

The project had a definite timeline: students would be leaving campus after graduation, and returning a few short months later for the beginning of the next school year. First Companies met that timeline.
“Our college has four non-negotiables, four values that we hold tight to,” said Kemper.“One of those values is that we be relational, that we encourage and foster strong relationships between ours students, faculty, and staff. This space provides our people with an attractive and functional gathering space that enhances the relational component of our community.We couldn’t have created it without First Companies help.” 

Grace Bible College
1011 Aldon Street SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49509
3,225 SF Addition
New Student Commons
Connect Two Existing Buildings