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New Equipment Leasing

In need of a more functional, more contemporary space, New Equipment Leasing, a family-owned and operated small ticket equipment leasing company, turned to First Companies to remodel and retrofit its space.

"Our former space was worn-out," said Ray Lanning, CEO of New Equipment Leasing. "It was tired. It needed updating. When we moved into this location 10 years ago, the space we were working out of, the basement of this building, was a space we could easily work within. However, over the past few years we have built our business and steadily outgrown our former workspace. We needed more space, more privacy, and more functionality. We also needed something that accurately reflected who we are and what we do. We knew First Companies would be up to the task."

The interior renovation, which was finished under budget, spanned the entire first floor and was completed while employees continued to work downstairs. Nearly every existing wall was torn down to create a more efficient layout, turning a once divided and disconnected space into a more open environment. Personal, built-in work stations, with floor to ceiling dividers, were added, allowing task-oriented employees to complete their work without distraction. Additionally, the building was given a warm, welcoming reception area, including a decorative new fireplace.

"I was impressed that First Companies would come in the evenings, following our office hours, to complete projects that were particularly noisy or disruptive," said Lanning. "It was a great sacrifice on First Companies behalf, but it made this transition and remodel much more proficient than expected. I am incredibly pleased with the work that they did and the outcome of the project." 

New Equipment Leasing
2880 Thornhills Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
4,494 SF Office Remodel