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616 Lofts 

A revitalized downtown community is drawing many young professionals back to the ciy, making exceptional market-rate apartments more and more desirable.

And 616 Lofts is providing the space.

“Our mission, though it carries a lot of weight, is to revitalize downtown Grand Rapids by transforming old, vacant real estate, into vibrant spaces for urban living, spaces that become peoples’ homes,” said Derek Coppess, founder and managing director of 616 Lofts. “By upcycling historic buildings into apartment lofts, we’re executing that mission, and with First Companies’ help, we have done it expertly.”

616 Lofts is a boutique real estate and development firm dedicated to re-energizing unused spaces in downtown Grand Rapids.The company currently leases out space in two historic buildings, 206 Grandville and 139 Pearl. First Companies came alongside 616 Lofts to provide construction services within the two buildings, renovating and revitalizing more than 25 loft apartments and making once-vacant real estate once again viable.

“Our business and our industry require and demand trust,” said Coppess.“First Companies embodies the spirit of trust we expect, and we could not be happier with the result. From start to finish, beginning to end, First Companies has been an adept partner with superior skill and expertise." 

616 Lofts
206 Grandville Avenue and 139 Pearl Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
25 Loft Apartments